Withdraw Bitcoin on Cash App

Do you have Bitcoin in your Cash app? Are you looking to withdraw it with the efficient method available out there?

But, you, for some reason, cannot do it? If your head is nodding back and forth to each of the questions related to how to withdraw bitcoin on Cash App, then you have certainly landed on the right page.

We will walk you through the step-by-step process to let you know the Cash App Bitcoin withdrawal procedure. Not only this, all your other queries pertaining to the likewise questions about Bitcoin on Cash app withdrawal will be answered as well.

We have also explained and talked about other important details, such as the transaction fees and how it is levied on your purchase; all such questions have been answered for you.

Cash app is the most sought-after money transfer app worldwide. A huge surge has been observed in its usage since it introduced its feature to buy Bitcoin on Cash App and a store to keep it.

However, the options to buy cryptocurrencies have been kept very limited. One can only buy and sell Bitcoin using the Cash app. You can’t buy any other coins except for Bitcoin.


More about how to withdraw Bitcoin on Cash app?

Withdrawing Bitcoin from Cash app is the process of transferring it to any third-party wallet, meaning you can send it to crypto wallet apps like CoinBase or others.

There are other ways like you can first sell it off and then exchange it for equivalent USD. And then withdrawing the USD. Depending on your preferred way of withdrawal, you can choose to carry out the process at your convenience.

One notable point here is that irrespective of how you choose to withdraw your Bitcoin, you must have linked your wallet to your Cash app account. Then only you will be able to do that. If your wallet is already linked, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to withdraw Bitcoin from the Cash app.

Cash app Withdrawal Bitcoin via on chain transaction

Choosing the on-chain transaction assures you of high-level security as this is carried out and takes place on extra time, but it is completely secure and involves zero risk.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Go to the Cash app home screen, and open the banking activity tab.
  • Once the page is open, tap “USD to BTC”.
  • Select “Bitcoin”.
  • The next screen will display how much Bitcoin is in your wallet.

Tap on ‘Enable on-chain’ transactions from the options.

You will be taken to the verification page from there. Register your National ID number and real-time selfie to verify your identity.

This process will take at least 2-4 days to complete. Once it is verified, you can complete your Cash app withdrawal actions.

Bottom Line

If you get stuck at any stage and require professional assistance, you can seek help from the support team. The techappsinsider support team is always there to assist you in need. You can not only connect with them for your ongoing issue but to get your most complicated queries answered as well.

As per the customer’s reviews published online, the Cash app Bitcoin secures a good place in serving customers with its helpful customer-centric approach. The options to connect with them are multiple, so whatever suits you best, you can choose and get in touch with them. To learn more, connect with the team now.


There might be some other questions moving in your mind. We have got them covered here in the FAQs section. These FAQs will broaden your understanding of Cash app usage and work towards the ease of broad usage. Hence, without wasting much time, let’s get through some of the most important FAQs related to Cash app Bitcoin wallet.

  • Why can’t I withdraw my Bitcoin from the Cash app?

There is a minimum threshold to withdraw Bitcoin, 0.001. If you want to expedite the process, the minimum withdrawal amount should be 0.00005 bitcoin. Also, you can check if your account balance is not running out of funds. You can also try other possible solutions, like updating the app or checking if the internet works well. If you don’t get your way out, you can connect with the helpdesk team to help you get the solutions.

  • Can I convert Bitcoin to cash? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can always convert your Bitcoin to Cash. You can use options like Crypto exchange, Online broker, Bitcoin ATM, Crypto debit card, peer-to-peer crypto trading, crypto wallet and a few more, which you can take into account to carry out the process.

  • How does Bitcoin work on Cash apps?

Bitcoin works on a cash app exactly as your wallet money works in any payment app. You can buy, sell, store or withdraw it anytime you want using the Cash app.

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