Cash app is known to be the world’s fastest and most seamless growing money transfer app.

The multiple features, vivid options, and great customer-centric support have made it stand out from other applications worldwide. As its usage increases, more people are using the Cash app to buy Bitcoin.

Yes, you heard it right.

The use case of the Cash app is not just limited to sending, receiving, and transferring money, but it’s also expanded to buying Bitcoin. If you are juggling to know the ways to buy Bitcoin on Cash Appand struggling to get through it, then you have certainly landed on the right platform.

What will this page serve you with?

Here, on this page, we will not only throw light on how one can buy Bitcoin using the Cash app but also elaborate on the points of queries and issues you may likely come across while using the Cash app. For every piece of information you may require to carry out the procedure, we have all covered here.

Before you proceed further, you need to know that Cash apps only allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, there are no such crypto coins that one can look for on a Cash app. If you have some other coins in your mind, then you’ll have to choose any other app. Here’s how you can buy Bitcoin using the Cash app.

How to Create a Cash App Account?

It is unlikely that you may not have a Cash app account. But, if you don’t have one by any chance, you can create one.

  • Open ‘Play Store’ on your mobile device.
  • Download the app.
  • Launch it and register yourself.
  • Enter the required details and sign up successfully.
  • Set up the username, add bank details, and link your accounts.

The app should be ready to use.

How to Use to the Cash App to buy bitcoin?

Once your app is ready to use,

  • Launch the app.
  • Click the ‘USD’ button from the Cash app Bitcoin wallet home page.

Hit the Buy Bitcoin’ button.

How can you complete your purchase?

  • On the next screen, add all your purchase details
  • You need to enter the amount
  • Enter the PIN, and confirm your transaction.

Once you enter your PIN and other details, you should be able to see the amount of the fee levying on the purchase.

Learn, How To Withdraw Bitcoin On Cash App?

What will be the purchase fees?

Let’s understand the purchase fees in detail. One notable point here is that the amount you pay to purchase the Bitcoin will be slightly higher than the market value, and also, when you sell it off, you will likely get slightly less than the market value.

Talking of its purchase fees, it entirely depends on the size of the transactions and comes built into the purchase fees. It means that if you buy Bitcoin worth $500, you will get $490 of Bitcoin. Roughly $10 will go into fees.

If you encounter errors while using the wallet or buying Bitcoin with Cash app, you can simply reach out to the support executives who are there to help you. You can reach out to the team via email, phone number, and other mediums.

You can also try some of the DIY (do it yourself) before connecting with the support executives to find quick solutions to your problem. At times, there is just a minor glitch that leads to bigger issues.

Hence, it is advised to look out for possible solutions before getting in touch with the team. A quick solution using prompt response is what you can expect from the team.


While trying to find the answers to buying Bitcoin on Cash app, you should also be stumbling upon several other questions. Here, we have got you a list of some of the other questions and their possible answers which you may be looking to get answers.

  • How do I use the Cash app to buy and send Bitcoins?

You can follow the steps to send Bitcoin to any cash tag or other compatible wallet for free using the Cash app.

    • Simply go to the Cash App payment pad
    • Tap the ‘USD’ toggle and select ‘BTC’
    • Enter at least ‘$1’ and tap Pay
    • Search for the recipient’s $Cashtag details like their current phone number or email address
    • Tap Pay

Such transactions are also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. This is how your payment will be sent to the Cashtag holder.

  • Why am I not able to buy Bitcoin using the Cash app?

This may happen for many reasons. However, the primary reason is the insufficient balance. One needs to add funds to their Cash app account to be able to buy Bitcoin using the Cash app. Hence, to make it possible, go to ‘Add Cash’ and enter the amount you want to add and confirm your name, social security number, birth date, and other details.

  • Is the Cash app safe? 

Yes, the Cash app is safe. It uses cutting-edge encryption and the latest technology to ensure users’ 100% safety and guarantee their money. Hence, you can completely rely on the Cash app to transfer money.

  • Can I withdraw Bitcoin from the Cash app?

Yes, the Cash app enables you to withdraw Bitcoin. All you need is to follow specific steps, and then you can withdraw Bitcoin from the Cash app.

  • Can I convert my Bitcoin to cash on the Cash app?

Yes, you can. Make sure you follow the right steps to convert it. Tap the Bitcoin tab. Press sell and enter the amount. Enter your PIN and further steps, and you should be able to convert your Bitcoin to cash on the Cash app.

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